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Paddy Pals:

I'm Ciarán and I am a junior bear cub. Seán is my best friend and we love to laugh and roll around the hills. I spend a lot of time by the lakes and rivers near the school as I love to fish and often watch Finn the fisherman pull in salmon and trout for the bear community. One day, when I grow up, I hope to be like him, but our teacher says I have to learn my school lessons first.

So for now, I'll save my fishing for the weekends and the long summer evenings when the fish are a-plenty and we barbeque them in Bear Square in our village.


Suitable for children from 10 months, Ciarán is a small charming Irish teddy bear cub with white onesie pyjamas featuring little green shamrocks and a matching nightcap. Made with all new synthetic materials he sits 18cm / 7 in. tall (26cm / 10 in. from top to toes), has soft brown fur and features the Paddy Pals Juniors motif on his pad. Paddy Pals are loved by both children and adults with their traditional Irish attire and welcoming smile.


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£9.71Sale Price
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