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PL-UG is an incredibly clever concept that allows children to build almost any den they imagine.

All PL-UG components are designed to connect together, and be attached to different objects around the house or garden such as tables, chairs and trees. Once you have a structure, all you then need to do is secure a sheet over the top and put your ‘keep out’ sign on the door!


What is it about a den that kids love? It’s a place where they can hide away, make-believe and giggle. They can transform a den into anything they desire – a witch’s coven, a cave, or a fairy tale castle. And parents love them too as it’s a great way to for kids to entertain themselves, far away from the world of technology, gizmos and gadgets.

Pl-UG Kits comprise lightweight tubes with a choice of connector discs, rods, suction cups, clamps, pegs and hooks which can be simply and securely attached to a multitude of different objects without causing marks or damage. From chairs, tables and bannisters indoors to trees and gates and walls in the garden.


Once the framework is in place, kids can drape sheets, blankets, colourful fabric over the top of the frame, and deck the inside with cushions, rugs, blankets and toys, rig up the all-important ‘Keep Out’ sign that comes with each kit and they are good to go. The Den will remain safely in place until they want to take it down and rebuild it elsewhere.

PL-UG Tent Making Kit Medium

£29.99 Regular Price
£22.49Sale Price
    • Build almost any den imaginable
    • Connect and attach to different objects around the house and garden
    • Won't damage furniture
    • Hours of fun fuelled by imagination
    • Suitable for 3 years +
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