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Paddy Pals:

Ah, the pipes, the pipes are calling... there's no sound quite as sweet as that of the uilleann pipes, one of the world's most complex folk instruments. My forefathers played the pipes and passed this love on, generation to generation. Now I play them too, often to mark some of life's great occasions. The sound is both beautiful and haunting and once heard, will live on in your memory.

Most evenings after a hard day's work all the bears gather together and I play them a tune, Lizzie starts dancing and we all join in. And if we've a tale to tell, we can do it through music and that's where the bagpipes of Ireland come in.

Suitable for children from 36 months, Logan is a large charming Irish teddy bear with a dark emerald green jacket embroidered with gold buttons and a lace neck ruffle. Further detailed with matching Tam o' Shanter hat and contrasting saffron kilt. Made with all new synthetic materials he sits 30cm / 12 in. tall (38cm / 15 in. from top to toes), has soft brown fur and features the Paddy Pals motif on his pad (bagpipes are for illustrative purposes only). Paddy Pals are loved by both children and adults with their traditional Irish attire and welcoming smile. Here's to a fellow who smiles when life runs along like a song. And here's to the lad who can smile when everything goes dead wrong.

The Irish Piper

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